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My Ministry Goal:

"He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but He who is seeking the glory of the One who sent Him, He is true, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.Ē John 7:18

When planning your event, keep in mind that Sharon is:

  • passionate about walking with God and motivates others to new places in their spiritual life.
  • gets the audience laughing and crying all in the same message.
  • knows how to end on time.
  • a pastorís wife (15 years) and has served in paid staff positions for five churches over the last 33 years.
  • seminary trained in teaching the Word of God.
  • knows how to be flexible in a variety of situations.
  • is friendly and approachable.

More about Sharon:

  • Sharon was raised in a Pastorís home and received Christ at age 13.
  • Sharon attended Azusa Pacific University (1974-78), Western Evangelical Seminary (1979-80) and APUís Graduate School of Theology (1990-93). She has a BA in Music and completed most of her MA degree in Biblical Studies.
  • Sharon plays the piano, harp and sings. She is a worship leader and song writer.
  • Sharon is married to pastor, Ike Riddle.After their marriage in 1990 they served the Olive Branch Church in Corona, CA.(www.olive-branch.org) for 18 years†until Ike retired due to health problems. Now they reside in New Braunfels, TX. They have two daughters, Beth (born 1992) and Mary (born 19994).
  • Sharon has written three books on prayer: Waiting at the Window, Warring at the Window, and her latest, Waltzing at the Window. She has also co-written The Kingís Silverware, Tony Loved to Learn† and Princess Batilda for children.
  • Sharon operates her own website, www.oliveleafpublications.com, which distributes free music, dramas, and Christian growth tools.

What others are saying about her:

I know Sharon Riddle to be a woman of prayer. As a veteran prayer warrior, her experience is dynamic and practical. Her writing style reflects her humor and down-to-earth personality. You will be refreshed by her transparency and teachings. It will inspire you toward deeper prayer.

Greg Sumii, Director of Church and Pastoral Care, California Southern Baptist Convention

I worked as retreat coordinator when Sharon Riddle was the main speaker for the women of the Southern California Free Methodist Conference. Sharon is an excellent speaker. She touches the hearts of women both with laughter & tears. She leaves you with the knowledge that you have met with God. You will take with you the Word of God & Joy in your heart as you spend time listening to her share the Love of God.†††††† ††††

Madaline Bower, Retreat Coordinator for Southern California Free Methodist Womenís Retreats

For years Rita and I have encouraged Sharon Riddle to share with the world her insights and understanding about the deeper walk with God. Finally, her inspiring new book is available to us all. Few, if any, have her personal understanding of prayer and intimacy with God. The principles she shares in "Waiting At The Window," have become a part of our daily walk with the Father. Her wonderful new book should be a part of the personal library of every believer who wants to experience greater victory in their personal life.

Dr. Richard and Rita Tate, Founders, Family Solutions, Inc.

Nationally known speakers and authors of "11 Reasons Families Succeed."

Sharon is the real deal. She has taught me how to pray and how to watch God respond. Thanks to her incredible example, instead of wrestling emotionally Iím learning (a prayer at a time) to win my lifeís battles on my knees. My prayer is that you are encouraged likewise!

Dawn Hibbard, General Manager 89.7 FM KSGN Riverside, California

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Sharon Riddle's Resume 
Ministry is the only word that connects the variety of different hats I've worn over the years. If you're interested in a retreat speaker, seminar leader, or worship leader you can check out some of the ministries I've served in the past.
Free Worship Music 
This is a great site to visit when you need free worship music. Sharon has been associated with them for many years. This link will take you to some of the songs she has written. You can use them for free. Please give us credit on your CCLI report if possible.
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