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On August 6, 2011, Ike and I joined with 32,000 Christians to pray and fast for our nation.  The experience was overwelming.  We have prayed for "revival" for many years and to see the response of God's people, coming from many places, denominations, ethinic groups and worship styles to join as one body, was a life-changing experience.

There were several significant moments during the prayer and worship that day. We know they caught God's eye and ear. We look to future events in America and the world to be the outcome of the spiritual victory that took place in the heavenly realm that day.

Keep praying and fasting...

Highlights from Answer to Prayer by George Mueller 
George faced many challenges we face today as Christian educators. It is the same method (prayer) that brings to same God to meet our need.
How Should We Pray Verses 
Here are some principles from God's Word that teach us how to pray.
How to Pray for a Pre-Christian 
Verses and thoughts that guide our prayers for those we love who do not acknowledge Jesus as Lord...YET.
How To Pray For Others 
Verses that help us as we pray for others in our life.
How To Pray For Our Church Verses 
Here are some verses that assist in knowing how to pray for our church
How To Pray For Our Elders 
How to pray for the leaders of your church begins in God's Word. Here are some key verses to study.
How To Pray For Our Services Verses 
How to make our services effective comes right from God's Word.
Impossible Things That Resulted From Prayer 
What impossible things has God done as a result of prayer? These verses show the way:
Prayer Quotes 
Here are some wonderful quotes from men of prayer
Spiritual Warfare Manual 
This booklet applies God's Word to spiritual warfare in a very practical way. How is the enemy trying to defeat you? See what God has to say about your situation and then act accordingly.
The Possibilities of Prayer full version 
All my notes from this class are in this document along with scriptures used.
Verses on Fulfilling Life Dreams and Desires 
Here is a collection of verses that is one of my favorites. They are verses that guarantee God's fulfillment of my highest dreams and desires. Of course locked within their phrases are God's requirements for me to fulfill.

Olive Leaf Publications
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