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Pictures of our puppets:

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These shows were produced by my fourth grade class during the schoolyear 2010-11:

Baptism Puppet Show 
Gregory learns about the real meaning of baptism--it's NOT to try out his new rubber ducky in the pool on a hot day.
Christmas Puppet Show 
Jack learns why the Christ in Christmas is important on a visit to his grandparent's house.
Crayon Puppet Show 
In this show, the crayons come out of the box to have fun with our audience of preschoolers and sing some favorite "color songs".
Do The Right Thing Puppet Show 
Ralph is tempted to cheat on his memory verse test.
Grandparent's Day Puppet Show 
Two students entertain their grandparents at school for the Grandparent's Day celebration. Grandpa just wants to enjoy some of the refreshments.
Grandparent's Puppet Show 
This show was presented at the local rest home and features a hard of hearing Grandma, an accordion player and more.
Heart Puppet Show 
Our little heart puppet has got the blues (even though she's red.) A doctor and nurse who have trouble getting along try to help her find a cure.
Noah Puppet Show 
We learn alot about Noah and his family on this cruise through Genesis, including the origin of the "poop deck".
Pirate Puppet Show 
A greedy pirate learns about true treasure in this swash buckler!
Soldier Puppet Show 
This show was written to honor our veterans and their service to our country. The brisk officer tries to whip his new recruits into shape which is not an easy task (since they are only in 4th grade.)
Valentine Puppet Show 
This show was performed at a community after school kid's club. The theme was Valentine's Day and our puppets learn what real love is. Warning: if you don't like to see kissing puppets, don't watch this show.
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